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Notice: The Request For Proposal (RFP) dated 01.02.2016 issued for Outsourcing of Visa Services in the Embassy of India in Amman hereby stands withdrawn.

Renovation and modifications at Indian Embassy

Project Background - Redevelopment of old Chancery

Library - supply of book cabinets

Renovation of the out-house room at the premises of Embassy of India in Amman(Jordan)

Extension of Consular Visitor room at Embassy of India in Amm

Supplyof 24 person dining table

Annual Maintenance Contract for Chancery building

Project Background for Redevelopment of Embassy Residence

Extension & Renovation of a toilet

Extension & Renovation of the residence of Security Assistant

Renovation of a visitor room at the Chancery

Supply of office furniture for the Embassy of India in Amman (Jordan)

Extended Date of Receipt of Market Survey Bids

Market Survey Bid Invitation

Iron and steel works and installation of communication equipment

Cleaning and Gardening Service - Amman

Invites bids for Installation of razor barbed wire

Cleaning services at Chancery

Embassy of India in Amman is looking for a structural engineer to conduct structural soundness for the building of the Ambassador's Residence.

Replacement of floor tiles at Embassy_Residence

Supply of funriture items for Embassy Residence

Supply of Sofa sets and Side-board for Embassy Residence

Replacement of carpet flooring at Embassy Residence

Hiring of Security Guards for Chancery

Video Conferencing system : Model SONY PCS-XC1

Supply of office table and chair

Renovation of Master Bathroom at India House

White washing painting of India House

Washing drycleaning of carpets, curtains etc.

Request for proposal

Annual Maintenance Contract for Computers

Replacement of garden floor tiles at Chancery

Replacement of Garage roof and Garage shutter

Invitation of Bids for Consultancy for the 'Parcel Network Optimization Project'

e-Tender Notice for "Bullet Resistant Jacket Light Weight Large Size

Global Tender Notice for procurement of Hand Held Termal Imager [HHTI]-Binocular [Coled Version]

White-Washing/Painting Of Chancery Premises

Renovation at Consular Wing

Renovation of two bathrooms at India House

E-procurement Tender Notice

Mercedes Benz E-280 Car for sale


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